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Cancellation Policy

As with most self-employed service providers, 24-hours' notice is required for cancelling or changing your appointment. Your appointment time is held exclusively for you, so providing at least 24-hours' notice allows the opportunity for someone who is waiting to book an appointment. 

Changes from an in-person session to virtual can happen at any time and will not result in a cancellation fee.

When cancelling an appointment without 24-hours' notice, a cancellation fee may arise and are as follows:

Late Cancellation
Half Session Fee 

Cancelling an appointment without 24-hours' notice up to one hour before the scheduled appointment. 

Late Cancellation
Full Session Fee

Cancelling an appointment with an hour or less notice.

No Show

Full Session Fee

Not attending a scheduled appointment with no notice provided.

You can cancel your appointment through the Online Booking Portal, by email, or telephone.

Your understanding is appreciated!

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